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Facilitating the growth of businesses online without causing financial hardship. Offering web and digital assistance at a reasonable cost while maintaining its quality.



What Is Web Genius Services?

Established in 2024 by Ali J, a skilled web administrator who has more than nine years of expertise. The primary objective of the business is to offer low-cost online services to individuals, startups, Small and Medium companies (SMEs), Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs), and even enterprises.

Web Genius Services is run by only him, thus, you do not need to worry on spending huge amount on project compared to a web agency.


Providing The Best Services For Businesses

Web Development & Design

E-commerce websites, membership portals, landing pages, one-page layouts, portfolio websites, corporate websites, non-profit organizations, authority websites, opt-in pages, and a wide variety of other types of websites are among the many types of websites that I will construct and design for you.

Web Administration

I provide excellent website management services, including the following: updating page contents, performing backups on both the local and server-side, implementing security, managing your web hosting, SSL, and domain name, creating web emails, and other services such as support & maintenance.

Website Optimization

Is your website is not performing well in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) and is experiencing problems such as loading speeds, content that is not matched, and other similar issues? I provide website optimization and on-page SEO services to enhance the website of your company.


Why Choose Web Genius Services

For the simple reason that Web Genius Services is not a web agency. With multiple staff and other overhead costs, web agencies can quickly drain your budget. In contrast, Web Genius Services is headed by a seasoned site administrator with nine years of expertise. Therefore, investing in expanding your business online will not put a dent in your money account.

You do not need to pay to discuss your project. I provide free consultancy to new clients. Whether you choose my services later on or not, it is up to you!

I believe every business must grow. We all have expenses, but, exorbitant costs are like stealing your foods from your mouth, and I hate doing that!

Even after your project is done and delivered, you can count on Web Genius Services for any troubleshooting and assistance. I am ready to help!


They Trusted My Expertise

Ali managed our project in a very professional manner from start to finish. The developer has in-depth knowledge and made suggestions and enhancements which really elevated our site. We were thrilled with the finished product.
I humbly thank Web Genius Services for the hard work that was pretty detailed and for taking the time to make a valuable contribution into upgrading our website. Thank you very much for helping us, and our school!
ADSP Mauritius

Managing Director

Web Genius Services has been extremely collaborative on the service rendered to our company. The project given has been completed before the deadline and has been a business whom we can trust. Highly recommended!
AB Desai



Projects Under Web Genius Services

Let's Discover Mauritius

A site dedicated to helping you discover the breathtaking island of Mauritius. Visitor guides, articles on art, culture, history, heritage, people, and activities are just a few of the numerous topics covered.

Your AI Arts

An AI arts gallery showcase website, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International, where you can upload your AI generated art photos and videos for free, and without registration.


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