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In a world where tough competition abounds and the mobility factor has shifted dramatically over the years, do not hesitate to create a website for your company in order to increase revenue. Whether or not to have a website should be avoided, but it has become required. Below, are the types of web development I do. If you need a bespoke website, do not hesitate to propose. Let’s get started further now.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

For dynamic websites and blogs, CMS is perfect. Since 2010, I have developed dynamic and interactive websites using WordPress. It is great if you are thinking about doing something dynamic, and I am eager to get started on your project.

Static Websites (HTML-CSS-JS)

I advise a static website, as it does not depend on a database, for small businesses who have very few pages as an online showcase of their services, with contact details, details, and links to make purchases using PayPal or any online payment systems.

Funnel Websites

Since a decade ago, funnel websites have completely changed the digital landscape. You can rely on me to create a funnel website if you need one for your company. I can build your funnel sites on WordPress as well as with ClickFunnels, Kajabi, etc.

E-Commerce Solutions

There are a lot of online stores. The way we buy things has changed because of e-commerce. Are you selling something? I will build your e-commerce site at a reasonable price, no matter the amount of items.

Membership Portals

Membership websites are great if you need people to sign up in order to view them. In this category are websites that offer courses, discussions, online shopping, intranets, and other things.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are good for companies who want to sell a certain good or service because they do not require the user to move around too much. In essence, it is a direct sales page or an “all-in-one” funnel page.


5 Reasons To Choose Me For Your Works

  • Absolutely Affordable Costs

    While it may appear like other web agencies, Web Genius Services is different. As it is run by a single, skilled web administrator, it saves a huge amount of money. Because of this, you might pay 10 times less with me.

  • Free Web Consultancy

    I do not charge for project consultancy. I love advising my potential customers on the things to follow to decrease costs, and on what technologies they need. Whether you will go ahead with me or not for your project, the choice is in your hands, and the consultancy is still free.

  • Provides Maintenance & Support

    Once your job is done, you have no need to worry. All of my customers get maintenance and help from me at a reasonable cost. Customers who have been with me for a long time get bigger discounts on website maintenance. Get in touch with me at any time if something goes wrong!

  • Experienced Web Administrator

    Your web project is in good hands. I possess more than 9 years of experience in the website and digital fields. I have acquired knowledge on numerous website tools and services, and even faced countless case studies.

  • Fast Project Delivery

    Every client and I care a lot about the project's due date. Most of the time, I finish a website in eight to ten days. You can be sure that your project will also be finished on time, based on how complex it is.


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They Trusted My Expertise

Ali managed our project in a very professional manner from start to finish. The developer has in-depth knowledge and made suggestions and enhancements which really elevated our site. We were thrilled with the finished product.
I humbly thank Web Genius Services for the hard work that was pretty detailed and for taking the time to make a valuable contribution into upgrading our website. Thank you very much for helping us, and our school!
ADSP Mauritius

Managing Director

Web Genius Services has been extremely collaborative on the service rendered to our company. The project given has been completed before the deadline and has been a business whom we can trust. Highly recommended!
AB Desai



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