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A fast and reliable website is not only important for the users, but it is also a gateway to better index your online presence to search engines.



Improve User Experience & Rankings

Website optimization is important and should be done on a regular basis. Performance and user experience will make search engines like your website more, resulting in a higher ranking. Furthermore, if your website loads quickly and without any layout flaws, your visitors will appreciate it more. The following are some of the aspects I propose for my website optimization service. What are you waiting for? Let’s start now!

Website Audit

A website audit examines all of your pages thoroughly. Each piece on the website is evaluated to better detect problems that impact performance and search engine results. A report is delivered, and the website optimization procedure begins based on it.

Content & Image Optimization

Headings, images, outbound and inbound links, paragraph texts, font kinds, post or page titles, and other elements play an essential role on the website SEO. They will be analyzed to discover weaknesses, ensuring that your contents are optimized.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are vital. Search engines use these scripts to rank your website. I will find and input important meta tags for each piece of content on your website. Alternatively, if they are already present, I will determine whether they need to be updated.

Traffic Monitoring (Analytics)

Traffic monitoring is essential for understanding where your visitors are coming from, what devices they are using, their browsers, and so on. The traffic will also be inspected to detect spammers.

URL Performance Analysis

Your website will be inspected to identify broken links, missing pages, and whether the slugs are SEO-friendly. XML sitemaps will be examined, including backlinks and the loading speed of each page.

UX Improvements

All of your website layouts will be reviewed to see how to improve the user experience. A website design is vital for your visitors to have a pleasant browsing experience, which will result in more traffic.


5 Reasons To Choose Me For Your Works

  • Absolutely Affordable Costs

    While it may appear like other web agencies, Web Genius Services is different. As it is run by a single, skilled web administrator, it saves a huge amount of money. Because of this, you might pay 10 times less with me.

  • Free Web Consultancy

    I do not charge for project consultancy. I love advising my potential customers on the things to follow to decrease costs, and on what technologies they need. Whether you will go ahead with me or not for your project, the choice is in your hands, and the consultancy is still free.

  • Provides Maintenance & Support

    Once your job is done, you have no need to worry. All of my customers get maintenance and help from me at a reasonable cost. Customers who have been with me for a long time get bigger discounts on website maintenance. Get in touch with me at any time if something goes wrong!

  • Experienced Web Administrator

    Your web project is in good hands. I possess more than 9 years of experience in the website and digital fields. I have acquired knowledge on numerous website tools and services, and even faced countless case studies.

  • Fast Project Delivery

    Every client and I care a lot about the project's due date. Most of the time, I finish a website in eight to ten days. You can be sure that your project will also be finished on time, based on how complex it is.


They Trusted My Expertise

Ali managed our project in a very professional manner from start to finish. The developer has in-depth knowledge and made suggestions and enhancements which really elevated our site. We were thrilled with the finished product.
I humbly thank Web Genius Services for the hard work that was pretty detailed and for taking the time to make a valuable contribution into upgrading our website. Thank you very much for helping us, and our school!
ADSP Mauritius

Managing Director

Web Genius Services has been extremely collaborative on the service rendered to our company. The project given has been completed before the deadline and has been a business whom we can trust. Highly recommended!
AB Desai



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