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Let Me Maintain Your Website

Maintaining a website is time-consuming. Furthermore, if you are not a professional, technical issues may arise. Many businesses believe that once their website is complete, everything will run smoothly. But this is not the case. Frequent updates and maintenance are always performed, whether on the front-end or back-end. Sometimes technical problems arise on the server side (Hosting), which can have an impact on your online business. The following are the features that I offer as part of my site administration services. I am an experienced site administrator with more than nine years of experience, your company will be in competent hands. Let us get started now!

Website Updates

A website includes updates. Dynamic websites are built on systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are frequently updated. Add-on plugins also require upgrades. Any scripts that are inserted must be up-to-date for things to function properly.

Product Updates (E-Commerce)

If you have an e-commerce site with many items, I will update the products, their details and images. Inventory management of products is time-consuming for certain companies, and I will ensure that everything is in order before going online.

Content Updates

Contents are constantly updated. Any website management task, whether it is adding an image, a blog post, a contact information, a plugin to use, or even altering a piece of content as a whole, includes these steps. Up-to-date material is beneficial for SEO.

Server-Side Management

Websites must be backed-up on a regular basis. Web administration includes Cpanel management, domain management, SSL certificate management, the setup of email accounts, FTP accounts, and databases. If something goes wrong on the server side, I will make sure it is resolved quickly.

Website Troubleshooting

Sometimes, a design is broken, a contact form is not working, or a payment gateway integration needs a fix. Moreover, the website can be offline due to database issue, or the layout is messed up because of a series of problems. I troubleshoot websites for years, hence, count on me to fix these issues.

Website Optimization

Website optimization is vital for both usability and SEO. When updating content, you must consider image optimization, meta tags, cache control, and other factors to ensure that your website runs quickly and effortlessly while not interfering with the surfing experience. Your website’s accessibility is a priority.


5 Reasons To Choose Me For Your Works

  • Absolutely Affordable Costs

    While it may appear like other web agencies, Web Genius Services is different. As it is run by a single, skilled web administrator, it saves a huge amount of money. Because of this, you might pay 10 times less with me.

  • Free Web Consultancy

    I do not charge for project consultancy. I love advising my potential customers on the things to follow to decrease costs, and on what technologies they need. Whether you will go ahead with me or not for your project, the choice is in your hands, and the consultancy is still free.

  • Provides Maintenance & Support

    Once your job is done, you have no need to worry. All of my customers get maintenance and help from me at a reasonable cost. Customers who have been with me for a long time get bigger discounts on website maintenance. Get in touch with me at any time if something goes wrong!

  • Experienced Web Administrator

    Your web project is in good hands. I possess more than 9 years of experience in the website and digital fields. I have acquired knowledge on numerous website tools and services, and even faced countless case studies.

  • Fast Project Delivery

    Every client and I care a lot about the project's due date. Most of the time, I finish a website in eight to ten days. You can be sure that your project will also be finished on time, based on how complex it is.


They Trusted My Expertise

Ali managed our project in a very professional manner from start to finish. The developer has in-depth knowledge and made suggestions and enhancements which really elevated our site. We were thrilled with the finished product.
Passion Océane

Managing Director

I humbly thank Web Genius Services for the hard work that was pretty detailed and for taking the time to make a valuable contribution into upgrading our website. Thank you very much for helping us, and our school!
ADSP Mauritius

Managing Director

Web Genius Services has been extremely collaborative on the service rendered to our company. The project given has been completed before the deadline and has been a business whom we can trust. Highly recommended!
AB Desai

Managing Director


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